For twenty years, Menexa’s team has been involved in the graphic design and programming of websites using internal resources and creating sites that can be updated by the client in a simple and autonomous way. Our company works with the Public Administration, foreign states and private clients, is present within the MEPA and can contribute to any kind of public call for tenders.

We have designed this service specifically to provide assistance mainly for all sites created with WordPress but we can also offer a solution for other types of platforms.

What Menexa offers you

Contract assistance

Continuous assistance with monthly or annual subscription.
5 proposals (basic, standard, plus, professional, enterprise) designed for companies with different needs: from small businesses with a minimum activity on the Internet, to companies that need continuous updates and implementations.

Package assistance

One-off assistances:

  • WORDPRESS UPDATE – Upgrade your system to the latest version and all plugins
  • HOURLY ASSISTANCE – Assistance for programming or updating contents
  • MENEXA ASSISTANCE PLUGIN – The Menexa Assistance Plugin is a software for WordPress that is inserted inside your site that constantly monitors the status of the software and gives you indications on what is the status of your assistance.

Why continuous maintenance is essential


Every day there are thousands of attempts to intrude into sites that, in addition to posing a threat to the user, can turn the site into a “zombie site” capable of performing DDOS attacks on institutional sites or phishing to extract sensitive data from unsuspecting users. The owner of these sites most of the time does not notice the intrusion, but the intrusion is detected by the security authorities with the result of immediate exclusion from search engines and if the problem is not solved promptly you can also get to the site blackout.

Being blacklisted means that your years of work to get visibility on google has gone up in smoke!


Sites are now very complicated mechanisms even if they have few pages. CMS like WordPress organize the data on databases so, to make sure you don’t lose any data in case of malfunctioning of the site, it’s not enough to make a copy of images and documents but you must also repair, optimize and export the contents of database tables continuously.

Speed and technological adaptation

Every day the technology evolves and as you are used to update the software on your computer or mobile phone, in the same way must be updated the software of your site to allow new devices to access it or to adapt it to changes that search engines or social networks in their evolution require continuously

WordPress is updated up to six times a year to match the reaction time of hackers!


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